The Textile Discount Outlet, OMG!!!

Wow, I went to this Martini Spa party back on December 4th, and ran into my favorite wine and spirits rep Mona, she worked my Trunk Show back in October, helped me find some wines I actually like.  We got to talking about infinity scarves and fabric, and she tells me about this place called the Textile Discount Outlet.  She's like it's huge and has 3 floors of fabric, etc. It's located in the Pilsen neighborhood at 2121 W 21st Street, So many 21's.  When I got home, I looked the place up and came across this great video by Ben Kolak, Brian Ashby, and Dave Nagel.  I did get to meet Steve, Gerry and Sarah, but no Chris, he seems like fun.  Love the comment "Bring some trail mix and a bottle of water." He is not playing.   Textile Discount Outlet from The Grid on Vimeo. Well huge is an understatement.  75,000 square feet of fabric and textile awesomeness!  I felt like the kids that got to go to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.  When I walked in the door I couldn't believe my eyes.  Leather, taffeta, rayon, etc!  It was like walking into an Ikea of fabric, there had to be at least 15 rooms on the first floor, some with multiple entrances, I finally got to the end, I had to consult with someone on the floor to be sure I made it to the end of the maze.  There was a huge industrial door with EXIT over it.  Made my way back and went to the second floor, 3 to 4 giant rooms of piles upon piles of bolted fabric.  Then I made my way back down to the basement.  About 3 - 4 more rooms of piles fabric, down here is where there a about a kabillion zippers, tacky belt buckles, tons of metal D rings, and then they had piles of sweater bottoms, you know the band that goes around the bottom of your sweater.  I have no idea what one would do with those, then I found a box of sleeve ends, the kind that would be at the end of a long sleeve t-shirt end.  LOL not sure what one would do with those either.  They had a ton of upholstery fabric, I got inspired, I want to try to reupholster this little ottoman/bench I have, and this wing back chair I have too.  I've never upholstered before, and couldn't figure out what color I wanted, so that'll have to wait for my next trip there.  They also had tons of leather, although I was hoping to find some brighter colored leather, most of theirs are dark hues.  I want to make some clutches, so I'll probably grab some of that when I go back too.  I realized after talking to a friend today, that I don't remember seeing buttons, lol I'm going to have to call and see if they have buttons. Photo dump time, here's about 80 pictures!  
  So unfortunately I didn't get pictures of the cutting area, I will next time, here's some closeups of the stuff I bought.  
Did you make it through all those images?  You are a trooper, I wasn't going to up them all but figured I'd let those who are unable to make it over there live vicariously through me.

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