About Twenty Thou

Twenty Thou is my own personal bailout. My student loan debt is very burdensome, and after seeing websites over the years where people have successfully gotten out of debt by asking strangers on the internet for money, I realized I was pretty resourceful and didn't need charity but a business! I came up with a way to turn a hobby that I only shared with friends and family into a way out of debt.

My goal is to create and sell approximately 20,000 handmade pieces.  When I first started my prices ranged from $5 – $30 each, with the majority of items costing $10. Since I started of course the interest has caused my loan amount to grow very rapidly, but fortunately I've also become a metalsmith and while my prices have gone up so has my craftsmanship.  I went from mostly beaded work to using copper, brass, sterling silver, and gold fill to create unique jewelry pieces, and I haven't left my beaded roots behind, I now try to incorporate them into my metal work.

So unlike government bailouts this is a win-win for myself and those who love handmade jewelry and accessories.



Interview with Voyage Chicago Magazine