Winter Escapade Fashion Show

I recently started and caught up on the first two seasons of  The A-List New York, hilariously dramatic show. When I started watching I was so jealous, their lives were so fabulous, going to all the latest fashion shows, parties, etc.    Although they are slaves to beauty, and I have a zero-tolerance pain policy when it comes to beauty, so I was like yeah never going to be them, no one is going to be sticking a needle in my face to get rid of a wrinkle, or ripping the hair off my body.  But as for the parties and fashion shows, I welcome them.  Thankfully my friends Belinda Common, Michelle Smith, Gail Avery & Erika Degraffinreaidt put on the Winter Escapade fashion show on November 12th at the Beauty Bar and invited me to participate.  The other designers had some amazing clothes, I can't wait to make more money so I can afford to buy them.  The other designers were O'Ron Manson, Maggie Dianovsky, Lorene Skipper,  and K. Marie Designs. 
This was my first fashion show, I had no idea what I was doing lol.  Luckily we had a dress rehearsal the night before.  And again I took a ton of pics until my phone died, as usual.  I need to get a backup battery.  The space we rehearsed in was GINORMOUS, I wanted to move in.  The models were all fantastic, and friendly, and rocked the hell out of my infinity and noodle scarves. I apologize in advance for the blurriness. Check it out:
Do you see how huge this room is? I was in awe.
I had no idea what having things in a fashion show entailed, the models kept asking me how did I want the scarves worn, or if there was a certain way I wanted them to walk, or manipulate the scarves.  LOL.  I was like um...I have no idea, I just made them.  So in the future I'll know to put more thought into that, luckily Belinda, Erika, Michelle, and Gail knew what they were doing, and helped me give them better guidance.  I was a little better at the actual show, but not by much lol.  All in all I had a blast, they picked excellent models who were so nice and professional, nothing like the ones portrayed on television lol.  There were no divas or crazy people :). I got a few pictures behind the scenes at the show, and fortunately the wonderful Andre Johnson was there to take pictures also.  The only problem with being in the fashion show is that you don't get to see the other designer's showcase their garments other than a few glimpses here in there because you're prepping your own stuff.  We even had a Project Runway type crisis where one model was late, but managed to get there just in time. At one point one of the models after the first designer's runway walk, disappeared all together, I didn't see him for the rest of the night, I was like um, what happened to that one guy (I still don't know his name).  I later found out he had a family emergency and had to leave, I hope everything was okay I felt like I was in a spinoff of Project Runway meets America's Next Top Model lol. So enough of my rambling here, take a look:    
The hair and makeup team working their magic.  
So much fun, and my phone didn't die for once lol.  It did at the rehearsal though.  I'll definitely post the next fashion show date, who knows maybe I'll be making clothes by then, HA! We'll see.      

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